About Us

Rev. Norris L. Martin

Rev. Norris L. Martin, Sr., President


My name is Rev. Norris L. Martin, Sr. and I am the President of St. Petersburg Bible Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The goal of SPB Bible Institute is to provide you with an opportunity to learn biblical principals in a learning environment that is flexible with your schedule no matter where you are.      

St. Pete Bible Institute offers online bible study courses.  Courses can be specialized in biblical studies, Christian counseling and Christian Administration and Leadership.

Upon successful completion of the course curriculum, students will receive a diploma from SPB Institute that will be endorsed by Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary.  The endorsement of Trinity College serves as a declaration of the Institute’s mission and vision.  Trinity College is nationally recognized by the development of many leaders and the quality of its Theological Educational Model.

Who Am I…..

Norris L. Martin, Sr., is the Pastor of St. John Missionary Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Rev. Martin has been in the ministry for over seventeen years.  While providing leadership over his ministry, Rev. Martin continues to bestow direction to the South Florida Progressive Association, fortify his doctoral degree from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary and be a reverent husband and father.

Rev. Martin has not only served this country in the armed forces, but continues to be guided by Christ to educate his people in the doctrine of scripture.